Just when we thought we were done with tablet computers, up pops one called the iTablet. Made by a company in the U.K. called X2 Computing, the iTablet will also launch in April just like the Apple iPad. The one difference is that the X2Computing iTablet will have USB ports, Oh wait. There is more. How about a web cam, bluetooth, plus 3G and wi-fi.

A recent article also stated that:

The iTablet range is due to be available in a range of solid and metallic colours including white, grey, pink, blue, red, yellow and black. We’re waiting to hear about pricing and will update this post when we do.

That is the bottom line. How much will it cost?

Also the iTablet will use both Windows and Linux operating systems. If you look close at the iTablet pictured above you will notice an old familiar friend. That’s right, Windows XP.

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