For those of you living on the East Coast, you may find that your weekend is going to be filled with some fairly significant severe weather. Now you could simply stand outside in the middle of it to witness the weather as it unfolds, or instead you could use some of the tools that WeatherBug provides.

In this example video I put together fairly quickly, you’ll be able to see three very different options available to weather enthusiasts.

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In the past, we have been fairly extensive covering the various mobile options for monitoring the weather with WeatheBug. In the above video however, I wanted to highlight three lesser talked about solutions.

  • WeatherBug Streamer
  • WeatherBug free edition for Windows

WeatherBug Streamer: In the first option, you see WeatherBug Streamer. This is a professional level tool, often used by energy traders and other pros who need to see the weather, as it’s happening. It also allows users to do their own forecasting as it were, by utilizing animations, tracking lightening strikes, among a variety of other fantastic features.

WeatherBug for Windows: The free ad supported option for Windows users, provides a much simpler to understand interface. While lacking the advanced options seen in Streamer, it does provide its users with real time alerts and ongoing weather forecasts. Never forget about the main website. Available from any browser on any platform, is a great resource for monitoring severe weather as it unfolds.

The Backyard community

Get in on the action with other weather enthusiasts over at the WeatherBug Backyard Community. Best of all, regular contributors to the community are given access to the sought after WeatherBug Streamer tool. As you can see from the above video, streamer has the ability to triangulate weather events in real time, as they happen from a maps perspective. It’s something you really have to experience to fully appreciate. So join us at the WeatherBug Backyard Community, we are always looking for new enthusiasts!