In the world of technology, localized content is going to become even more important as time goes on. Services and products are going to continue to be developed that help users know about everything that’s happening in their local area, and local games and exploration tools (like Foursquare) will become commonplace. When you think about it, we spend the majority of our time in the town and surrounding areas where we live, so it makes sense that we should be fully plugged-in to this local content. A service called Fwix will tell you about the news in your area.

Fwix is like a local newspaper that’s constantly refreshed. News from major newspapers and television stations in your area is included, but you’ll also find content from local blogs and other sources that go beyond what you’d find if you just turned on the TV or opened up a newspaper. As a reader, you can vote and comment on the stories and see how other people in your community have reacted to the news. You may also submit additional news sources that you think should be included on Fwix.