I could find myself getting a lot more excited about this news about Opera browser coming to the iPhone if perhaps it was presented with some reasons why I should care. Seriously, once the news of features and things that make it better come to light, I will be vastly more interested. But unless it’s bringing Flash to the iPhone, or something else equally groundbreaking… I believe it will be as exciting as it is on the desktop.

Eclipsed forever in the shadow of Google Chrome on the desktop front, Opera is a niche favorite on the desktop these days. It’s a great browser; I use it all the time. But it is nothing to really write home about these days. Can this change for the browser company with a potential release onto the iPhone?

Perhaps. It’s completely possible that Opera could do great on the iPhone, assuming it does something that Safari is lacking. Perhaps it will load faster, provide better bookmarking options, or that Opera dial thing will be a smashing success. If, however, none of these things come true, then it sounds like we are going to watch Opera scrambling for users besides tech enthusiasts who are simply curious.

Speaking for myself, I am one who will generally cheer for the underdog. And there is little doubt that this is where Opera is these days. So here is to seeing them launch Opera Mini for the iPhone with tremendous success. With any luck, people outside of the tech community will be willing to give it a chance as relying on Safari exclusively is pretty weak, based on my experience.

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