Traditionally, the process of creating a scrapbook has required a lot of hands-on work. You usually have to cut a good amount of paper, shuffle through your collection of pictures, position and glue stuff, and so on. Granted, this process is sometimes the most enjoyable part of scrapbooking, and it makes the final product that much more appealing. Of course, with the Internet, creating a scrapbook doesn’t always mean pulling out the scissors because you can do everything online with Scrapblog.

While a handmade scrapbook can take hours upon hours to make, scrapbooks made through Scrapblog can be assembled in just a few minutes. After deciding on a style that you like, you then add your pictures to personalize the package. Images can be uploaded from your computer, Facebook, and some other online services. Once things are just right, your scrapbook can be shared online in all of the usual ways and you may also have it printed and shipped to you so you can go on and on about all of the effort that it took to make it.