Getting your next job from Twitter. It’s a clever idea, one that has caught on enough to where one service has managed to build a business around the idea. Enter TwitterJobSearch.  Despite the presence of some select sponsors, I found the site to be otherwise devoid of any advertising.  After trying this out for a bit, I found that it’s actually pretty good at finding tech and social media jobs.

The one thing it is not doing well is weeding out the get rich quick/how to do ____ tweets. Mostly I see the problem with stuff like this. It’s not a bad article, but it’s simply not targeted for the query given. Apparently the search is a tad too keyword based? Difficult to say for sure, but it does leave something to be desired.

Back on the side of things that are working, TwitterJobSearch is now available on your desktop. Wisely designed as an Adobe Air app, which translates into REAL cross platform support, it’s a fantastic option to have sitting idle in your system tray for sure. Great for those job seekers out there. It’s using TweetDeck as its UI, so those of you who are familiar with that Twitter tool will feel right at home with JobDeck.

So is it worth it? Compared to trying to rely exclusively on job sites, oh my, yes. While I don’t think this is going to replace good old fashioned networking in real life, it is a handy supplement that is sure to help out a lot of tech savvy job seekers out there.

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