Those of us that do the “advanced hunt and peck” method of typing can always use improvement in the typing skills we do have. A new place for online improvement has come along and has been pointed out by the friendly crew at Lifehacker

If you’ve been meaning to get around to working on your lackluster keyboard chops Klava can help you hone your touch typing skills without having to install any apps or sign up for any services.

The flash-based keyboard tutor has a simple interface. You can select from basic English, advanced English—the change is just the length and complexity of the words—as well as programming languages and if you’re learning a bit of Russian, Cyrillic languages. You can use the QWERTY, Dvorak, or Cyrillic keyboard arrangement, the on-screen keyboard will change but it’s up to you to configure your system to use that keyboard arrangement.

Unlike many typing tutors you won’t find a countdown clock, you just start typing and it begins counting your words per minute and word accuracy. When you make a typo the text box turns dark gray and remains that way until you correct the error. Klava is a free service and requires no sign up. Have a favorite typing tutor? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

This could actually help some of us who were never included in a real typing class ( in high school I was not wanting anything to lower my GPA, and the sentiment only got worse in college). With repeated visits to the site, I think that I might actually be able to improve. You could as well.


sheeple even sheeple should improve…

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