After all of these years of Microsoft holding Apple back out of the MS Office spotlight, it looks as if Microsoft might finally be handing Apple a bone with Office 2011. Apparently, we will be seeing the end of Entourage and a “hello” to an OS X friendly Outlook version just for Apple.

Speaking as someone who uses Exchange, but not the Outlook PIM, I cannot say this is going to make a big difference in my own life. But I am willing to bet those who use the Mac at work are going to love this news in a big way. The biggest thing is the loss of Entourage, often said to be the single worst thing in the world for MS Office users on OS X.

My personal guess is that Microsoft is looking to maximize its Office sales and what better way to do this than to simply end its war with Apple on the Office front? I could point out how silly it was for Microsoft to wait all of this time, but I guess this started back when Apple was thought to be a threat to the enterprise. Turns out the closest threat only comes in the form of an iPhone! Wild, I know…

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