There’s a new sheriff in town…

After a slew of pre-Alphas, and then a single Alpha release, Opera Labs has put up, for Windows only right now (since that is where the largest differences are for this revision), the first Opera 10.50 β release.

It promises to be a stunner, as the early pre-alphas were being clocked as the fastest browser extant, and those who observe the UI with closer eyes, have had much good to say about the changes that take advantage of the changes to the Windows 7 GUI.

A few places have their blurbs up already, giving the notice to the new kid on the block, and TechConnect devotes more than their usual space to it –

Opera Software moved fast this week and after just a few days with RC builds, it has today rolled out the beta version of its newest desktop browser, Opera 10.50. Currently available only to Windows users, the Opera 10.50 beta comes with a tweaked interface and a more polished skin, Windows 7 integration, a ‘smarter’ address field that shows your matching results in your history, bookmarks and even actual content on the pages you have visited, as well as private tabs and windows. This build also features the Opera Turbo compression technology and a new Opera Widgets platform.

Saving the best for last, we have to note that the browser includes the new Presto 2.5 rendering engine, and the Carakan JavaScript engine which is supposed to make Opera 10.50 the “fastest browser on Earth.” To see if this claim stands check out this page and download the Opera 10.50 beta.

Not leaving Mac and Linux users going on ’empty’, Opera has also provided updated alpha builds of Opera 10.50 for the two platforms. Both can be downloaded from this page.

I am getting ready to put it on my machine, and if the early build I tried holds with this revision, the gloves are off, and its a full on war with Chrome. Forget Firefox, for it has fallen by the wayside, the war is Chrome and Opera, and which one can show the world that speed and features don’t become mutually exclusive.


floating_rock Hold onto it, Opera 10.5 may make your vision blur…

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