Many companies are introducing social networking within their environments to improve collaboration amongst employees. The employees can use social networks to connect with others in their company, to share knowledge and experiences and to more easily find information.

Being able to find and connect with co-workers depends on the completeness of users’ social profiles. A social profile can include things such as a photograph, avatar, department and location information, interests, areas of expertise, etc. If staff are new to social networking, they may not see the value of filling in detailed profile information.

One idea for encouraging staff to fill out their profile information is to use those who have already done so as examples. Identify those staff who have strong social profiles and highlight a different one each week as a ‘featured member’ of your company’s social network. Explain to staff what makes a strong social profile so they understand why these individuals are being called out as examples. Hopefully, others will want to become featured members of your company’s social network and complete their social profiles.

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