The following is most of a letter I sent to a popular scientist today. I’ve taken out his name since that doesn’t matter for this post anyway. I’m getting tired of many “high brow” individuals looking down on us lay people. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but it seems that in the last two or three years I’ve noticed an increase in derogatory comments aimed at those who don’t share the same opinions as those who are seen as experts.
Mr. X,

Although I wanted to be, I wasn’t schooled in the sciences, I have to consider myself fairly well self-educated in some sciences. I really try to keep up on current science as much as a busy father can. I love to follow space science especially. So please understand that I respect you as you read the following comments.

I heard a short audio clip about some recent comments about global warming. The comment you made that bothered me was to call people that don’t agree with your views “unpatriotic”. I do take exception to that. I don’t disagree that global warming is a fact. I just don’t agree that the major part of it is man made. I sincerely hope that your comment was just a slip of the tongue and that you don’t truly believe that particular statement. You can’t seriously believe that people opposing the theories of global warming are unpatriotic. That’s quite a stretch, and very insulting to many hundreds of thousands of people.

What will be next? That anyone opposing the popular scientific views is “ignorant” or “uneducated”? Maybe even just plain stupid? When did science become an elitist club that will only entertain ideas that come from those with degrees? Isn’t it still possible that great theories, even proofs, could come from someone that is just a passionate observer? Prior to this century, how many great scientific minds even had an elementary level education, let alone a college degree?

I hope you are as open minded as you have appeared in years past. It’s becoming all too familiar to hear leading scientists, educators and politicians looking down their collective noses at us; the “simple minded populace”. We are no less worthy than the rest of you. We are not unpatriotic or stupid just because we happen to have a different opinion on things.

Everyone has the right to research the evidence that is presented to us and interpret as we see fit. Even if that doesn’t fit into the popular model. Maybe a different perspective should be seen as refreshing.

Now, all that said. I still respect your work and your intelligence. I hope you will be less critical of others views in the future.

I just had to let off some steam. I’m getting tired (and a little bit worried) about this trend of flaming people just because you don’t like their opinions. (And many people call us Christians intolerant!)