We’re almost finished digging out from the latest round of Snowmageddon 2010 and we’ve put the shiny new snow shovels to good use. Through the round after round of shoveling, I came to the full realization (new shovels or not) that it’s time to finally bite the bullet and buy that snowthrower. I’ve put it off for far too long.

But there’s something new on the driveway clearing horizon … and it doesn’t use gasoline or electricity. It’s a purely human-powered snow thrower.

You have to see the Wovel to believe it. This beast looks like something out of a Jules Verne illustration.

If you want to get some exercise out of the exercise of clearing the drive, without risking back injury, the Wovel just might fit the bill. If you can’t stand the smell and noise of gas-powered snow throwers, and don’t cotton to the idea of electric gizmos, the Wovel’s Victorian-esque design provides the means to get the job done the new-fangled, old-fashioned way …