I’m not sure how many of you on Lockergnome play Modern Warfare 2, but for those of you who do play know that there have been a few bugs within the game since its release. Some earlier glitches that players discovered were the javelin glitch, the Rust map glitch, and then the unlimited care package glitch.

With a series of taps on the D-Pad at the right moment, any player could make it so another care package could arrive once they used the first one. Many players have been exploiting this and getting multiple airstrikes, helicopters, and other benefits from the glitch.

As I signed into Xbox Live today, I was prompted to download an update for MW2 and it finally seems that they have patched this glitch. It was fun to do a few times, but it got really annoying after a while and I’m glad they fixed it.

What do you think about glitches in games? Should they be patched or should players be rewarded by finding glitches in the game by being able to use them?

Share any thoughts you have about Modern Warfare 2, online gaming, or programming in general…