In another move to thwart pirates from breaking into Windows 7 activation process, Microsoft is adding a new anti-piracy update. It seems that pirates are once again at work and have devised a procedure to by pass activation and to get an illegal copy of Windows 7 working without completing the process. Microsoft has issued an update that will detect illegal activations and what is being described as ‘numerous exploits’ in one article.

One source stated:

Copies of Windows 7 can be downloaded for free, but users must purchase a legitimate registration key to activate the software. But numerous activation exploits have popped up on the Internet that are designed to let users illegally bypass the registration process.

Williams said Microsoft’s new patch, called the Windows Activation Technologies Update, will sniff out all known activation exploits every 90 days to ensure computer users have not employed them, whether knowingly or unwittingly.

If non-authentic software is detected, the update will prompt users to take action (i.e., pay Microsoft) and any background wallpaper in use will be switched to a plain desktop as an additional reminder that action is necessary.

Microsoft first plans to distribute the patch through Windows Update to Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions of Windows 7 next week. It will also be available online at the company’s Web site starting Feb. 16.

It is nice to know before hand that this update is on its way, just in case it doesn’t work correctly. In the past some of these type of activation / anti-piracy updates have actually disabled machines with legal copies of Windows  installed .

Do you think these type of measures will stop piracy? Let us know.

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