Microblogging has taken off in terms of popularity over the past year or two, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Sure, a lot of people may use microblogging services to talk about inane things like what they’re eating at the moment, but we’ve also seen that companies can utilize these services to connect with their customers in exciting ways. If companies can use public microblogging to their advantage, then it only makes sense that they could also use private internal microblogging within their organization to improve communication. Yammer enables employees to connect through their enterprise microblogging service.

These private corporate social networks can really improve internal communication, which is important because at some companies, certain employees may never talk to each other. With Yammer, team members can see what everyone is working on, comment on these updates, and generally just communicate and collaborate in an enhanced way. Certain status updates may seem trivial, but they help you to know your coworkers better than you would have otherwise. Try it out in your company and see what happens.