I have had a love/hate relationship with Apple’s iPhone app store for sometime now. Great selection, plenty of affordable choices… but often times the quality of some of the apps can leave a lot to be desired. Worse, great apps are rejected for silly reasons. This said, I consider the whole thing to be small potatoes. Not a big deal — clearly something I can get over easily enough.

Imagine, with everything said above, my shock to discover it will not longer be a matter of individual mobile platforms seeking their own mobile stores. No, mobile carriers are collectively looking to build up something store-like to fight Apple’s App store. Can you hear the developers groaning yet?

This translates into mortal enemies like those competing with one another in the mobile carrier market, suddenly working together with a common enemy — Apple. Wait, what about AT&T? You know, Apple’s good friends in the mobile community? Ah, that’s going to go over really well when it starts competing directly with Apple. I am sure that Apple is going to be very excited about renewing its contract when it’s time to re-up.

A single, global app market. Sounds rather naive and utopian to me. While it could make things easier for the developers — assuming we settled on a single source for all of our app needs — at this point this is simply translating into yet another place for which developers must develop. And my gut tells me it is not going to be widely accepted or well received.

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