The people in the state of Hawaii are excited by the prospect that Google could be offering the islands 1 gigabite per second Internet speeds. The people of Hawaii are hoping that their state will be selected by Google if and when the company starts its trials of faster Internet services. The officials of Hawaii have stated that they are ready to proceed and have already been in contact with Google officials.

At the Honolulu Star Bulletin a recent article also states:

Google said on its blog that it wants to see what developers and users can do with ultrahigh speeds, such as creating new, bandwidth-intensive “killer apps” and services. Google also wants to explore new ways to build fiber networks and create a network that other service providers can use to offer the same high-speed service, sort of like the traditional wire-line phone companies did with competing long-distance service providers back in the 1980s.

Hawaiian Telcom’s network is capable of providing such speeds, said Ann Nishida, media relations manager. “We plan to increase them in the future and will share details at an appropriate time.”

“We’re fortunate that we do have a relationship with them … so we feel good about that and hope we can be one of those states” chosen to participate, he said.

Lingle and a team of officials are preparing to travel to Washington, D.C., for the National Governors Association conference, and Klompus said “we are happy to go meet (with) and do whatever is needed to do to move this forward on behalf of the governor.”

“This is a great thing and a wonderful opportunity to have speeds 100 times faster than what we have today,” Klompus said. “We need it.”

The powers-that-be at Google will announce the company’s decisions “sometime this year,” Martin said.

For those who have been to the islands before, you may have seen the spotty service available. The last time my wife and I went the service around Kona was hit or miss. Though this was a major benefit since I actually got away from the Internet for a week, it would have been nice to stay in contact with Lockergnome and my blog.

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