As we might have already read on Lockergnome, Google is starting to roll out and ramp up Buzz.

Unfortunately Do No Evil seems to have gone by the wayside as far as Google is concerned.  Clicking the above link will inform you that you may already be a part of Buzz, without your knowledge or permission.

I almost never check mail via the website so I haven’t seen it.  Unfortunately, there is was in all its Buzzly glory, enabled, without my knowledge or permission.  I don’t use Twittyspaces and it’s not even remotely likely I am going to use Buzz.

Following a link from the Lockergnome page showed me the correct way to shut this privacy invasive nonsense down.  You can’t simply turn it off: that won’t fully turn it off.  This is yet another thing you don’t know.

When I went into the settings it told me I had one follower.  Since I never turned it on, how could I have a follower?  What’s worse is that I have no idea who this person is.  The system said he hadn’t set up a profile and some other nonsense.  I blocked him, then turned Buzz off, per the above directions.

When I went to contact Google about this, you can imagine the fun I had.  There is no real contact link or address for Google.  I went through the entire help routine, then wound up posting a message in a Gmail help forum, which I will now have to monitor.

Just to add insult to injury, Google apparently allows group owners (I was not even aware of Google Groups) to add email addresses without permission.  I found that I had been subscribed to a very unnerving group with potential supremacist/racist overtones.  GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, Google.

Bottom line: check your settings. Google is doing evil.  Even if I wanted to use the feature, I do not like companies opting me in: you shouldn’t either.