The people at ATi are making many changes to the driver set for the newest video cards, building in more, and refined, features for the Eyefinity system. Also, the CrossfireX setups will be made easier to implement and also update. The News comes from a story of TechConnect

Later today AMD is going to release the Catalyst 10.2, a new set of graphics drivers which will include quite a few interesting and very welcomed updates. Probably the biggest thing included in the Catalyst 10.2 is the revamped CrossFireX profile architecture which will simplify the way multi-GPU game profiles are presented and delivered.

The new CrossFireX profiles are being put into an XML file which will be separated from the driver and thus be a lot easier to update. This solution will enable AMD to provide new profiles more often via small executables which will be available for download through its

Other additions to Catalyst 10.2 (and beyond) are CrossFire Eyefinity support (for all Radeon HD 5000 series CrossFireX configurations), a reworked CrossFireX code, and DisplayPort audio. Moreover, there will be support for ATI PowerPlay on Radeon HD 5900, HD 5800 and HD 5700 CrossFireX setups, this letting unused cards in a multi-GPU configurations to be powered down to a very low power state in order to lower your energy bill.

For Catalyst 10.3, which will be delivered in March, AMD is preparing 3D Stereoscopic support, Eyefinity enhancements (Display Bezel compensation and per-display color adjustments, Multiple Eyefinity groups and better display configuration switching), plus monthly updates for the ATI Mobility Radeon line of cards. Good stuff for Radeon users.

I know many will be interested in seeing the odd gray lines disappear from their 5700 series cards after a bit of play, and I personally would be interested in seeing the Hybrid Crossfire work with a wider variety of video cards – the choices are few, and the result is not a world beater in any case. It makes the choice of a better card, and not using the onboard video an easy decision.


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