There may be times when you need to display information on a PowerPoint slide but want the information to appear and then disappear — similar to a pop-up window. You can do this in PowerPoint by adding a trigger where a trigger is an action or animation that is executed when an object is clicked. The following steps describe how you can accomplish this using a callout as the object

  1. Within Normal view, create an invisible autoshape (no fill and no lines) and add a callout to the appropriate slide.
  2. Right click the callout and click Custom Animation.
  3. From Add Effects, click Entrance and the select More Effects.
  4. Click Faded Zoom and click OK.
  5. Right click the new effect and click Timing. Click the Triggers button.
  6. Click the Start effect on click of option and select the invisible object you created in step 1. Click OK.

Now the callout will appear when you click the object you selected in step 6. If you want the callout to disappear, you need to add a second effect that will hide the callout. Simply complete the steps described above, except in step 3 select Exit instead of Entrance.

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