Have you noticed that more and more people are totally willing to share their current location as it changes throughout the day on a variety of online and mobile services? These updates used to mainly be about what was being done, but as time goes on, they’re becoming more about where people are at any given moment. The funny thing about this is that so many people don’t even hesitate to share their location with friends, and more importantly, complete strangers. A site called Please Rob Me points out how dangerous this is in a tongue-in-cheek way.

All the site really does is provide a list of Foursquare check-ins from Twitter which show that the people are not at their homes and are therefore open to being robbed. Before you get all riled up about this, it’s important to emphasize that this site is intended to make people think about the possible repercussions of sharing this data so openly. There will be more discussions surrounding this topic, and Please Rob Me is just helping to raise awareness of the issue.