The nightmare at Toyota continues. Now there is consideration of a recall of their Corolla model. It is a possible issue with the Corolla’s power steering:

Announcing that Toyota was considering a recall of its popular Corolla subcompact model, company President Akio Toyoda on Wednesday gave his full backing to the company’s chief of U.S. operations, who he said would attend congressional hearings in Washington next week.

Toyoda and Executive Vice President Shinichi Sasaki also confirmed Toyota’s completion of preparations for recall repairs on the Sai — a luxury hybrid sedan — and Lexus HS250h vehicles in Japan.

link: Toyota considers Corolla recall as it recalls Sai hybrid, Lexus cars in Japan

With such safety issues, Toyota owners have to watch the news. Depending on your location, Toyota’s legal responsibilities may be mitigated as soon as a recall notice is made public.

Catherine Forsythe