It looks as though someone has some production samples for sale, and apparently they aren’t worried about AMD knowing about it. Late yesterday, Maximum PC had put up a blurb on the appearance of 4 12-core Opteron CPUs, along with a motherboard to house them.

Since these are not widely available, and each one no doubt has a serial number, it should be no problem for AMD to come and grab the offender, making their life miserable for at least a while. I always wonder why people do this sort of thing. Once I found that the item was indeed in the possession of the seller, but the seller only wanted to show the appropriate people that he was in possession of the item – he had no intention of selling at any bid price. I never heard how that worked out.

Sure, you could buy that boring old Core i7. You could be like all those other sheep that shop for “released” and “fully tested” parts from Newegg. Or if you’re just the right mix of bold and rich, you can try buying a leaked 12-core AMD CPU from Ebay. The Opteron server chip is code-named Magny-Cours, and a set of four can be had for the low price of $7,700. The unreleased chip runs at 2.2GHz.
If you aren’t the do-it-yourself type, the same seller has a deal for you as well. They are selling a four socket server running the Magny-Cours processors. The server also packs 64GB of RAM. The going price is $20,000, but with 48 processing cores, that’s only about $416 per core. It’s not that unreasonable.

The Magny-Cours architecture doubles the core count on AMD’s current Istanbul Opteron chip. Power optimization was apparently paramount for AMD as the Magny-Cours is expected to use no more power than the Istanbul chips. We’re not going to encourage the purchase of these chips, but if you by them drop us a line, okay?

At the address above, you can see a picture of the processors in a tray, but since no pic of the motherboard was shown, I decided to leave it off. The CPUs are rectangular, not square, and since nothing is by the side to compare, I don’t have a guess as to the dimensions. I’m certain the exact dimensions can be gleaned from the AMD site if anyone is so inclined.

It’s good to see that progress continues, and I would like to see some test figures, but they will come later. Besides, I’m looking forward to a Thuban, not a Magny-Cours – it will pop right into my AM3 socket.


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