When I read the March, 2010 issue of PC World magazine. my interest was drawn to their recent reader survey they had just completed. The readers numbered some 45,000+ and covered such electronic products such as computers, cameras. printers and HDTV’s. I was especially interested since some of the brands I recommend were listed in all of the categories. So after giving myself a pat on the back [LOL], I thought I would share this information with you.

The reader ratings were as follows:

Best laptop computers: Apple, Toshiba

Worst laptop computers: Dell, HP

Best desktop computers: Apple, Sony

Worst desktop computers: Cyberpower, Gateway,HP

Best camera: Canon

Worst camera: Kodak, Samsung

Best HDTV: Panasonic, Pioneer, Sharp

Worst HDTV: Mitsubishi

Best printer: Canon, Brother

Worst printer: HP

As many of you know I am a huge fan of Toshiba laptop computers. I have no opinion on desktop systems since I have been building my own gaming systems for the past 15 years. As far as digital cameras go my Kodak has worked very well for the past 3 years. I will replace it with a Canon when it eventually breaks.  I recently posted a sale on a Canon all-in-one printer over at my Deals and Steals site. When it comes to HDTV;s I have always recommended Panasonic for Plasma sets and Sharp makes the best LCD sets.

Comments welcome.

Source – March, 2010 issue of PC World