Last week I had the pleasure of trying Dante’s Inferno on an Xbox 360. The game has been out for just about 1 year, but I never gave it much thought. Well that all changed when I took the controller and went on a journey through Hell. The game itself is similar to other games I have played, but does have enough of its own flair to make it different. The story line does not follow the book closely, but one must remember,  this is a video game made for slicing and dicing. LOL

The video story line is this. After his true love Beatrice is killed and her soul is damned, Dante must find his love, while fighting through hordes of demons. The slashing and thrashing keeps one busy while you use a variety of weapons to do battle with. Getting through what is called the Nine Circles keeps one on their toes as the battle proceeds. As far as game action goes, I would give Dante’s Inferno a 7 out of 10.For graphics it is a 9 out of 10.

One reviewer over at Amazon put it this way:

The idea of playing a game that takes place in hell is what really drew me into buying this one. It did not disappoint either. The graphics are amazing, the story line is very intriguing, and the game play is extremely fun. Yes, in many ways this game mirrors GOW which I have also played but in NO WAY is that a detraction. I personally liked this game better. It is very original. For those gamer point counters out there they aren’t particularly hard to rack up in this one. I can’t give Dante’s Inferno any less than 5 stars So buy this game and go to hell.

I tend to agree with this reviewer. I also found the graphics great and playing the game a lot of fun. I would recommend the game to everyone who enjoys a good story line and plenty of action.

Dante’s Inferno for only $56.99