Sometimes I wonder what world Google, among other large tech companies, actually live in. Of course privacy is important to us!  How could Google be shocked at how poorly Buzz has done with our personal privacy and the privacy of our contacts? Worse is that many Gmail users such as myself never asked for Buzz in the first place. So for most folks, I suspect it was a real surprise as it was only really announced within geek circles.

Google’s platform on the matter is a simple one — Buzz comes with an opt out option. And had we started off with Gmail the same day as Buzz was released, I would agree with Google on this. Sadly, however, this is yet another danger of Web apps. They can update stuff behind the scenes and not share the news with you. Had Gmail been a localized email client and installing it gave you the option of installing or not installing Buzz, then Google would not have likely been in this position.

Too little too late. As things stand now, it turns out that disabling Buzz is no simple task. Worse, Google still doesn’t seem to feel that it presented any wrongdoing — something I find greatly concerning myself. No, Google’s CEO has made it clear where he stands on privacy. The company appears to be in the “we don’t care” camp. And apparently some folks are growing so concerned over how Google is doing things as of late, they are simply dropping them altogether.

What say you? Where does your household play into this? Do you feel that Google’s view on your privacy is something that will change your search habits? Perhaps, instead, you will simply bite the bullet and continue with the search giant despite its apparent disregard for your privacy? Hit the comments; let’s hear about it.

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