How often have you heard of someone who was hired for a great new position in the same field that you work in and you were not even aware the position was available? Or have you ever heard of a firm that recently hired a new director for a department and this director insists on bringing his own staff into the department. This was probably because you were not aware of the importance of career networking to help you advance in your career.

It is not enough to be a devoted, hard working employee in times of a weakening economy; you may have to engage in career networking to ensure that others are aware of your skills, knowledge, and experiences. As we work in our related fields we increase our skills by networking with other colleagues at work and with friends we have with related interests. We may also add to our skills by attending conferences, training sessions, and by sharing reading materials.

By using these same opportunities you can ensure that others in your field of work know about the kinds of skills working with others, knowledge in your field, interest in learning new things, and your interest in advancing in your career. It is important to know how to highlight your skills and knowledge in different situations; how you promote yourself is as important as what you know.