Many places are humming with the rumors of a release, or perhaps just an announcement, from nVidia on Monday. It has been so very long since anything new and substantial has come from nVidia, the natives are very restless.

The hopes of wondrous news of DirectX 11 products are what the faithful are wishing for, and perhaps the best example of this is coming from the TechConnect website –

Nvidia fans, this may be a verrry long weekend for you as on Monday (February 22nd) a ‘major announcement’ is coming from Santa Clara. As just announced via Twitter, Nvidia is going to have something big to talk about on Monday at 9:00 AM PST (17:00 PM GMT/UTC) and it’s highly probable that it will be Fermi related.

When we say Fermi related we obviously mean the GF100 chip and the two cards based on it, the GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470 aka, Nvidia’s first DirectX 11-supporting products. The GTX 400 cards are expected to take on AMD’s Radeon HD 5800 and HD 5900 series models so finally there will be come competition in the DX11 zone.

Given the absence of leaks it’s likely Monday’s ‘announcement’ won’t be a hard launch, but at this stage nobody was really hoping for such a thing anyway (right?). Monday may be the day we finally see some performance numbers, either via Nvidia slides or tests from cherry-picked sites so here’s to a quick-ending weekend. Actually, don’t make it that quick, we’ve got patience.

I am very anxious to see the results, as my son is gearing up for a new video card, and I would hate to settle for an ATi, when an nVidia might be available at a similar price.

Though I don’t do much gaming I have always preferred nVidia because of better drivers. I have never once had good luck with any ATi product.

The countdown continues…


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