Why does Apple continue to contribute to AT&T’s nonsense? There is zero question that AT&T is not able to provide the kind of 3G experience it advertises on TV. Personally, I think the company ought to be fined by the FCC for false advertising as I, among others, have never enjoyed the 3G experience I was promised. Despite this, Apple is all too ready to deliver more data traffic to AT&T’s already hurting network. Apple points to upgrades that AT&T has made to its network to better support increased usage. Really, Apple? Are you THIS blind to reality? Apparently so.

I am among the first to point out that all of the mobile networks could face such a situation. But to tackle something as popular as the iPhone, then expect the network to keep plugging along without sharing it with other ones, clearly is not cutting it. Regardless of any level of obvious concern for the end user, Apple is dead set on continuing to support the spiral of fail seen with AT&T. Thanks, Apple — no, really.

Sadly, it looks like we are not going to be switching carriers anytime soon as I can see this happening to other big mobile carriers as well. Clearly, it’s the almighty dollar at stake here. And normally, I would totally be on board with this. Unfortunately, the part about providing the agreed upon service and some level of value to the end user is once again thrown under the bus.

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