When it comes to the enterprise market, I see Microsoft continuing to do well. And even with the desktop/laptop market share due simply to out the door cost, Microsoft wins again. However, I can promise you that Microsoft is not going to do well in search. So where does this leave Microsoft with cloud computing? Honestly, I think that it will come down to who is using it.

The person that cannot possibly use anything other than MS Office products will likely remain happy dropping hundreds of dollars for something that, technically, is readily available to the masses for free. In some instances (Excel, for example), it’s a matter of specific functionality, though. But there are still a number of cases out there where the end user simply wants to use what is familiar.

So now we come full circle to the question: Can Microsoft succeed in cloud computing? I say yes, but only because of  two factors. Functionality not found with the alternatives, and familiarity. Deviate from either, and it’s over for Microsoft.

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