There Is A Funeral Scheduled For IE6 On March 6th At 7:00PM and everyone is invited. However, it is recommended that you dress in funeral attire to celebrate the demise of the browser.Here is the official announcement:

Internet Explorer Six, resident of the interwebs for over 8 years, died the morning of March 1, 2010 in Mountain View, California, as a result of a workplace injury sustained at the headquarters of Google, Inc. Internet Explorer Six, known to friends and family as “IE6,” is survived by son Internet Explorer Seven, and grand-daughter Internet Explorer Eight.

Funeral services for Internet Explorer Six will be held at 7pm on March 4 at Aten Design Group, 1629 Downing Street, Denver, CO 80218. Those unable to attend the funeral are asked to send flowers.

On their web site those who plan on attending can RSVP as well. You can also post a remembrance as well. It is amazing that people are still using IE6.

Comments welcome.