In a society that loves to place everyone is some kind of a box, it was only a matter of time that Internet users who are addicted, were going to be labeled as suffering from a mental disorder. That’s right people, if you are hooked on using the Internet to excess, you are a mental job that needs help. Serious help. Plus you need it now. Or do you?

According to a recent article it states that:

More often than not, it seems that the calls to label these things as an addiction isn’t fueled by any actual addiction, but by psychologists or psychiatrists looking to build a practice treating people who play too much World of Warcraft, rather than drug addicts. When you dig deeper, nearly all of these “technological addictions” don’t really appear to be addictions to the technology, but rather a symptom of some other issue (such as depression) that manifests itself by focusing an inordinate amount of time on some technology. Focusing too much on the symptom, by falsely labeling it an addiction, could lead to poor treatment, as the focus is on treating the symptom, rather than the actual problem.

So there you have it, we are not addicted to the Internet. The Internet addiction is part of some other psychological disorder that make us addicted.

So I guess a simple diagnosis is that we are all just plain nuts! LOL

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