When BoingBoing wrote an article about the deceptive practices it claims were being employed by MagicJack, BoingBoing accusations proved true. So MagicJack was left having to pay the legals bills of BoingBoing for practices MagicJack could of changed instead of trying to hide. So who could be the real winner of this lawsuit? Hopefully it will be the consumers who have purchased MagicJack.

In a recent article it stated:

Again, that suggests a company that knows what it’s doing is shady, at best, but rather than having any interest in improving the way it goes about its business, wants to keep things hidden.

I have to admit, I really don’t understand why MagicJack feels the need to work this way. It’s a decent product that should be able to sell on its own merits, explaining openly what it does, rather than hiding stuff in the fine print and falsely claiming how many people are signing up to use the device. Imagine if, instead of suing and losing and getting all of this negative publicity, the company had just cleaned up its act, been open about things, apologized for its earlier mistakes and focused on building a better business?

It is hard to believe that corporations feel they need to cheat the public in order to be successful. That they must hide their shortcomings instead of trying to improve their product and improve on customer support.

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