Earlier, I wrote about the ACTA and the rights that are, unless there is an intervention, about to become a thing of the past.

Once again, something comes along that makes me wonder why it is that our rights are being assaulted from all sides, as if there was a major need to remove all of them as soon as possible.

A small bit on slashdot talks about the state of Utah, and the fact that its legislature is considering the allowance of warrantless searches of individual accounts of ISPs or cell carriers, ostensibly carried out as a search for child pornography.

The government would be using this as a reason to fish for any type of illegal activity, and since the search would be carried out without specific conditions in writing, there would be little means of controlling those conducting the procedures.

“The Utah State Legislature is considering a bill granting the Attorney General’s Office the ability to demand customer information from Internet or cell phone companies via an administrative subpoena, with no judicial review (text of the HB150). This represents an expansion of a law passed last year, which granted that ability when ‘it is suspected that a child-sex crime has been committed.’ Since becoming law, last year’s bill has led to more than one non-judicial request per day for subscriber information. Pete Ashdown, owner of a local ISP and 2006 candidate for the US Senate, has discussed his position and the effects of this bill.”

With the use of an alleged heinous crime as the purpose for search, for which no one would want to remain under the cloud of suspicion, it will make no difference what protections we, as citizens used to possess, the ability to trample the rights of any individual with no provocation, and a nebulous concern will make any sort of right to privacy and due process evaporate.

It may not pass the legislature, but the fact that it is simply under consideration should send shivers up the spine of all who are able to think.


The-policeman-is-your-friend-and-other-lies Soon this may no longer be a joke.

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