You may have read recently that a prosecutor in Milan, Italy prosecuted three Google employees for violating Italian privacy laws. Back in 2006 a video was posted on a Google site which showed some youths tormenting an autistic child. No one can argue that the posting of the video was in poor taste. However, Google immediately removed the video once it was brought to their attention.

I am not arguing whether the child’s rights were violated, nor that the video should of never been posted in the first place. But what seems strange is that this happened in 2006. Why did it take so long to be prosecuted by the Italian authorities? On the Valleywag site they have posted a picture of the ‘capped crusader’ who prosecuted the case.

I must wonder what was the real motivation behind this prosecution? Was it really to protect the victim or to make an example of a large American corporation?

I recently wrote about a teen using Facebook to blackmail teens for sex. Shouldn’t Facebook be prosecuted for allowing this to happen?

If someone leaves a rude comment here on this forum, shouldn’t I be allowed to have them prosecuted as well?

What ever happened to common sense?

Comments welcome.

Teen article on Facebook  exploitation case