It’s a real problem, the lack of broadband in this country. But rather than pointing to the ISPs as villains in this, there are other factors people need to realize. We’re not talking about population dense areas. So this means that laying down cable/fiber is but a pipe-dream not likely to happen without a change in approach. This article goes into this issue of why many of the States still don’t have the kind of access we’d like to see for folks.

Now truth be told, there is costly satellite Internet and in some limited instances, WiMax or even line of site wireless options. They do exist. Despite this, they are still far off and far between for many affected by the lack of DSL and cable connections. Worse, there is no way any of these folks will see 100Mbps. The best option for less latency in rural areas is discussed here.

So what does this really leave us with then? We know that satellite, even with improved latency, it almost worse than dial-up! Honestly, the fact that we have not seen more line of sight or even omni-directional solutions blows my mind. In large, flat areas, this would make total sense and likely prove to provide something better than dial-up, be it nothing close to what we see in more metropolitan areas. For myself, my location of the house we own actually was partially based on the fact that Verizon FiOS was just being laid out and now offered to residents. What is comical is that larger surrounding towns who are in Qwest territory are STILL out of luck with fiber options. Clearly Verizon is more serious than Qwest, at least in this part of the state.

So all of this considered, I can come to this conclusion only. If you work from home, be darn sure you have multiple choices for broadband available. In a town of  26,232… even though I live on the outskirts, we have options of DSL, fiber, and cable. Clearly, if it’s something significant in your life as does in mine, broadband availability should be a consideration when buying/renting a new home. At the very least, you should have DSL and cable available. Otherwise, I hope you have great 3G coverage then! I hear folks tell me all the time how it doesn’t matter that much. For myself, it most definitely does. Not for time wasting stuff like YouTube videos — rather for just having a remotely usable Internet experience.

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