Many people who run 32 bit programs on 64 bit Windows find themselves without many of the useful things available to the 32 bit crowd when they do a right mouse click. This is a problem that Microsoft has not seen fit to fix, and so….it’s Right Click Extender to the rescue.


Right-Click Extender is an easy to use program to add functionality to the Windows Explorer right-click menu in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The tiny program will display its option directly after startup, an installation is not necessary.

The new features are divided into file and folder options and desktop right-click options.

The file and folder right-click options are shown on every right-click when activated. They include options to copy and move the selected files and folders, open an admin command prompt, encrypt or decrypt files, create a file listing, hide or unhide files and folders or take ownership.

Some users make use of these options regularly. A checkmark next to an entry indicates that the feature is activated.

The desktop right-click options become active after right-clicking the computer desktop. They include options to start the task manager, control panel, registry editor, administrative tools, desktop god mode and the Flip 3D Windows Switcher.

The options become visible right after enabling them in the program’s interface.

Right-Click Extender is a nice little application for users who would like to add features to the right-click menu of the operating system. the software can be downloaded from the Windows Club Website.

If you run 32 bit Windows, this might be helpful, but you might also say “meh!”. If you are running 64 bit Windows, this is very, very helpful. It’s part of the few programs that make running Windows 7 64 bit palatable to someone that’s had a Windows XP installation pimped out pretty well.


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