Though I had found this quite accidentally, I had thought everyone was using it as the easy way to keep track of Google services when using Chrome or iron browsers. after doing some asking, I found that most people were using another Mail Check extension, by another author. The other extension works very well, and there are no anomalies with it whatsoever. The thing is, this Mail Checker Plus does more, works equally well, and is not using that much more memory in the process. The difference is the difference between using an ice cream scoop, as one would use in a restaurant, versus using the handy tablespoon at home.

They both do the job, but one is much faster, and, if you’re trying to make that festive looking banana split, the ability to form almost perfect spheres of ice cream with the scoop is going to produce a much better result.

One of the writers at Download Squad had the same idea –

If you don’t need notifications for every Google services under the sun (as provided by One Number) and you’re just looking for a solid GMail notifier for Google Chrome, have a look at the Google Mail Checker Plus extension.
I haven’t encountered many Chrome extensions which utilize the desktop notification functionality, but what better place to put it to good use than a mail checker? Install GMC+, wait patiently for new messages to arrive, and you’ll get slide-up notifications whenever a new message arrives in your inbox.
GMC+ also includes a long list of customizations via its options menu including audio alerts, ten different icon sets, and more languages than you can shake a stick at. Google apps accounts are also supported.
It’s well worth adding to your Google Chrome install if you’re a GMail user.

I don’t even know about One Number – you may want to look at it, as well. The standard checker, that everyone I spoke to uses, is here, in case you also want to have a simpler extension. It is up to revision 3, whereas the Mail Checker Plus is at revision 1.1.7, but the coder of it seems to have gotten everything right.



Download Opera – A faster and more secure Web browser.

[I still prefer Opera, but I find myself using Iron a lot, simply to keep up with the changes, because it is growing with users faster than Opera

– wait until 10.50 goes gold!]

On This Day [ Birthdays]

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1807 – Poet

Enrico Caruso 1873 – Opera singer

Hugo (Layfayette) Black – U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Marian Anderson 1897 – Opera singer

John Steinbeck 1902 – Writer ("The Grapes of Wrath")

Gene Sarazen 1902 – Golfer

James T. Farrell 1904 – Author

Franchot Tone 1905 – Actor ("Mutiny on the Bounty")

Joan Bennett 1910 – Actress ("Little Women [1933]", "House of Dark Shadows")

Ted Horn 1910 – Auto racer

Irwin Shaw (Irwin Gilbert Shamforoff) 1913 – Novelist ("The Young Lions")

John Connally 1917 – Governor of Texas, was shot during the JFK assassination.

Guy Mitchell (Al Cernick) 1927 – Singer

James Herlihy 1927 – Actor ("Four Friends"), writer ("Midnight Cowboy")

Joanne Woodward 1930 – Actress ("The Three Faces of Eve")

Elizabeth Taylor 1932 – Actress ("Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?")

Ray Berry 1933 – Football player, coach

Ralph Nader 1934 – Consumer advocate

Chuck Glaser 1936 – Singer (Glaser Brothers), songwriter

Jay Silvester 1937 – Discus athlete, first to throw over 60m

Barbara Babcock 1939 – Actress

Peter Revson 1939 – Auto racer

Howard Hesseman 1940 – Actor ("WKRP in Cincinnati")

Mary Frann (Mary Frances Luecke) 1943 – Actress ("Newhart")

Wil (Wilbur) Jones 1947 – Basketball player, coach

Eddie Gray 1948 – Musician (Tommy James & The Shondells)

Debra Monk 1949 – Actress

Steve Harley (Nice) 1951 – Musician (Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel)

Dwight Jones 1952 – Basketball player

Neal Schon 1954 – Musician (Journey)

Reinhard Fendrich 1955

Garry Christian 1955 – Musician (The Christians)

Johnny Van Zant 1957 – Country singer

Adrian Smith 1957 – Musician (Iron Maiden)
Iron Maiden apparel and gear

Paul Humphreys 1960 – Musician (OMD)

Grant Show 1962 – Actor ("Melrose Place", "Beverly Hills 90210")

Adam Baldwin 1962 – Actor ("Wyatt Earp", "Ordinary People")

Mike Cross 1965 – Musician (Sponge)

Chili 1971 – Singer (TLC)

Roderic Clark 1973

Tony Gonzalez 1976 – Football player

Chelsea Clinton 1980 – Daughter of U.S. President Clinton

Bobby Wilson 1981 – Musician (Mista)

Josh Groban 1981 – Singer

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