The recent launch of the icloud Ready Program for the consumer electronics industry is a milestone in making it easy to connect electronic devices to the cloud. The environmental friendly icloud online computer is always-ON and offers consumers an easy way to provide, share and manage content like music, photos and video for easy access from all kinds of electronic devices that connect to the Internet. This includes devices with popular platforms like iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

Daniel Arthursson, icloud’s Founder and CEO says, “All these new kinds of devices like flat-screen TVs, smartphones, digital photo frames, and Internet radios have amazing capabilities, but today, it’s too complex and expensive for most consumers to manage and set up their own home server. With icloud it’s all handled safely in the cloud and easy enough for mass consumer adoption; it will be a break-through for the consumer electronics industry.”

Already, anyone can create an icloud account free of charge. With icloud, a full remote management desktop is provided to handle the online computer and manage uploaded files. Everyone receives 3 GB of free storage; premium accounts are provided up to 100 GB. This enables anyone with a mobile phone to have 100 GB right in their pocket.

Read more here. icloud’s online demo can be seen here.

Facts about the icloud online computer:

  • Cloud-based home server for consumers with open APIs
  • Remote desktop that runs directly through a Web browser
  • Upload, edit, watch, and share content like music, photos, and video
  • 100 GB Super Drive available for $39.99 / year
  • Available worldwide in 27 languages

icloud is available for free, and open for sign-ups. To learn more about icloud, visit