Over the weekend, users of Twitter received a popup screen asking for permission to make the account searchable by both email address and phone number (see it here). I thought this was a bit odd and sneaky to suddenly pop this option up in front of people. Why didn’t they just put this option in the settings and call it a day? Instead they throw this thing in front of users who just want to send a tweet out before they go to bed. I’m guessing most users just clicked the Good to go option without even thinking about it, unchecking either box.

What I don’t like about this is the ability for anybody to find information on me just from my phone number. I may not want Jerry at the body shop to know my name or anything else about me based on the number that shows on caller ID. It’s a far-fetched scenario, but I still don’t like options springing up in front of me like this. They could have at least left the boxes unchecked by default. Users of social networking sites already have to be on guard enough with Facebook and Google Buzz testing the limits of what they can get away with.