In what can only be described as lunacy, the British Government may limit the freedom of the people in the U.K. to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi hot spots. The law which is designed to protect copyright infringements and peer to peer networking, could back fire and have the undesired affect of closing down free Wi-Fi access points. It is also being alleged that University and Colleges who provide free access to the Internet could also become victims of what appears to be a over zealous law.

In a recent article it also states that:

The government released a factsheet which stated that universities may be forced to act as an ISP to its students, even though they share the same Internet backbone to every other educational institute in the UK, JANET. But it also included a set of recommendations which to the average student nowadays would be seen as absurd, such as:

  • No downloads allowed on library computers.
  • Allowing IT services to accurately detect time, date and place of infringement and allow the blocking of users and staff to “monitor traffic and downloads”.
  • Libraries will have a filter system which can block certain sites where necessary.
  • Implementation of, and need for acceptance of a conditions of use policy which enforces users to accept before use.

But those who may be seriously affected are smallĀ  businesses that provided free Wi-Fi to their customers.In theory these small businesses will need to monitor their customers to make sure they do not violate the law. What is really comical about this is that it goes to show just how broken government really is, not only here in the U.S. but also in the U.K. It seems that the British politicians are in bed with the entertainment industry.

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