I know they have the best network – there is no denying that, AT&T fanboys aside. Sometimes I wonder about the rest of the company, after having some problems at times with customer service, from both sides of the retail counter.

But in a really classy move, the company is removing any long distance charges for a 10 day span to quake-ravaged Chile –

[PC Magazine]


In the wake of Saturday’s devastating earthquake in Chile, Verizon Wireless today announced that it will be waiving long-distance fees made between the U.S. and Chile between February 26 and March 6, on cell phones and landlines covered by the carrier.
"This is an excruciatingly difficult time for our customers with loved ones in Chile," Susan Retta, the company’s vice president of consumer products, said in an announcement issued on Sunday. "Waiving the calling charges will help our customers focus on tracking down and keeping in touch with their family and friends without having to also worry about the cost of the call."
Within the nine-day period, all landline calls made to Chile from a U.S. phone will be free. Users with 300 to 500 minutes of long-distance calling on their cell plans can call the country without using minutes.
For more information on the announcement–including some fine print–check out Verizon’s site.


I followed the link and the only problem acknowledged is that some early callers might be charged for their calls, which will then be refunded on an upcoming bill.

Thanks Verizon and Verizon Wireless, it shows that there is a heart, and never hurts the bottom line down the road.


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