It’s no secret that I am no fan of the current incarnation of any streaming video content. That is because no matter how fast the connection, there always seems to be something upstream that causes fits and starts with the programming, irrespective of the equipment on the receiving end. You see, I first tried Hulu on a tip from someone telling me it was different, and better. I have not spoken to that pinhead since I shared my thoughts on his questionable powers of observation.

Now, along with the bad delivery method, and the incredibly bad design of the interface, the site is losing a couple of the main reasons for people to visit –


Everybody loves the idea of Hulu, but a series of disappointing decisions and problems with content providers keep plaguing the service. Hulu is U.S.-only, it’s never gotten along well with anyone who wanted to provide a nicer client app for it (check out the Hulu/Boxee saga, which eventually landed in front of Congress), it’s not available on major mobile devices because it’s stuck with Flash, and now it’s losing its Comedy Central shows.
That means no Daily Show and no Colbert Report. Those two news programs are consistently amongst Hulu’s most-viewed shows, so losing them is a major blow to the service. In fact, I’d venture to say that there’s a not-insignificant demographic that ONLY visits Hulu to see Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s comedic takes on the news. The Hulu team knows it’s losing some top-shelf material, here, and the official blog post on the subject says as much.
What the post doesn’t say is why Viacom (Comedy Central’s corporate parent) decided to remove the shows from Hulu. Mashable says, "It’s presumably doing so because the income it receives from the online venture isn’t good enough." Maybe Comedy Central will make a bigger profit by forcing viewers to visit and, where the shows will still be available online.

It must really suck for those that have gotten used to watching these shows on Hulu, instead of Comedy Central. The fact that they are rapid fire comedy and not a drama that might change with a missed moment wiped out by a glitch makes them much easier to watch – and now they’re gone.

Hulu can’t seem to catch a break, perhaps it’s time to simply sign off, at least temporarily, so that changes could be made for the better, and content that people want to watch, arranged.



Marvin-the-martian maybe if the content was better, they could grab a bigger audience – I’d certainly point my antennas toward Earth to watch…

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