The head of Acer has made huge gains for his company since taking over Gateway & eMachines, and now Maximum PC tells us that the push is to further extend and grow to be number one in supplying of notebook PCs.

That’s quite a stretch, and something about which a few others will have things to say. It is not out of the question though, as Acer seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.

Acer has never been shy about sharing its goals with the public. On more than one occasion, company chairman J.T. Wang has expressed lofty expectations for his company, including a desire to become the No. 1 notebook supplier by 2011 and the biggest PC vendor of them all in 2012. Standing in its way of both goals is HP, so what’s the fastest way to surpass the competition?

According to some market watchers, scooping up Fujitsu would make the most sense. Acer needs to see more than 40 percent on-year growth in 2010 to start to achieve its goals, and it’s fairly unlikely that will happen with some major maneuvering.

Acer shipped some 32 million notebooks in 2009, up 32 percent on-year and enough to claim 18 percent of the market. HP, meanwhile, shipped 37 million units.

Acquiring Fujitsu, says market watchers, would not only give Acer the boost it needs to become No. 1, but it’s also the most likely target since Fujitsu has a strong sales presence in both Western Europe and Japan.

Many of us forget that Fujitsu is a supplier of many things in other parts of the world, whereas about all that is seen on these shores is the occasional Fujitsu hard drive.

In the trade magazines careful watching can allow a person to assess and see which companies might be ripe for a takeover. For example, Fujitsu has not been in any news in some time. No technical breakthroughs, no new lines of product, and no other items coming to be noted by the computer press. this sort of indifference can mean the company is either struggling, or moving along on automatic pilot, either of which can mean said company is amenable to a buy offer.

Though a good thing for Acer, I think anytime the market gets smaller, in terms of number of players, it’s a bad thing.


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