Just as soon as the mysterious glitch was reported in the Sony PS3 Fat units turned up, the problem seemed to vanish overnight. It seems that the problem could have been related to a leap year glitch that fixed itself.  But what is strange is that 2010 wasn’t a leap year, so what really happened may never be known. According to one report:

Sony has yet to update its international blogs or Twitter feeds, possibly because the company’s collectively collapsed from stress-exhaustion, but more likely because they want to be sure things really are back, not just bits and pieces. I can vouch for my own recovery — two units, one retail, one debug, but that’s it.

If you want to test yours safely, power up, then before doing anything else, run a time-date Internet sync. If it works, you’re back in business, and if your trophies don’t seem entirely right, try performing a manual trophy sync.

Maybe the PS3 needs a shim placed where the controllers connect to the accelerator pedal. Oh, wait… wrong product! In a day and age when we can no longer trust any large corporation, we may not really know what happened. At least this issue is not life threatening.

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