The mayor of  Topeka, Kansas is serious about getting Google to use his town as a test bed for broadband. The mayor has issued a proclamation that during the month of March, Topeka will be known as Google, Kansas. In one article it states that:

A campaign to make Topeka a test site for a new, ultrafast Internet service is gathering speed.

Google Inc. announced plans Feb. 10 to build and test new high-speed broadband networks in one or more places around the country. The company says the system of fiber-optic cables would deliver Internet connections 100 times faster than most systems now available.

Over the past week, Topeka city officials have announced they’re completing Google’s request for information from potential trial communities. The City Council has indicated that it’s behind the effort.

And a group called “Think Big Topeka” is campaigning to build community and government support.

What’s next. People naming their first born Google? LOL

I must admit that in these economically challenging times that this would help any city that tries to vie to become a Google test city.  Here is another idea. Maybe California could change their name to Google-fornia!

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