I was surfing around this morning looking for anything of interest to write about, when I found an article at The Consumerist about a lost camera. It seems a flier on a United flight from Hawaii to Tuscon checked on his bags which included a $900 camera in the luggage. When he arrives at his destination, guess what? No camera. So the guy who lost his camera wants us all to know that United can’t be trusted since the company refused to pay for the camera.

Heh Sherlock. Are you dumb or what? Any idiot knows you never put any valuables in your check on luggage. If you have something of value you carry it on. Problem solved.

Here is a better solution:

A “weapons” is defined as a rifle, shotgun, pistol, airgun, and STARTER PISTOL. Yes, starter pistols – those little guns that fire blanks at track and swim meets – are considered weapons…and do NOT have to be registered in any state in the United States.

I have a starter pistol for all my cases. All I have to do upon check-in is tell the airline ticket agent that I have a weapon to declare…I’m given a little card to sign, the card is put in the case, the case is given to a TSA official who takes my key and locks the case, and gives my key back to me.

That’s the procedure. The case is extra-tracked…TSA does not want to lose a weapons case. This reduces the chance of the case being lost to virtually zero.

It’s a great way to travel with camera gear…I’ve been doing this since Dec 2001 and have had no problemswhatsoever.

Comments welcome.

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