From the company that declared, “Just don’t hit F1!”, we have another idea destined for the scrap heap of time. The Microsoft VP for Trustworthy Computing (that’s a joke title, right?) has given what he believes is a good idea for dealing with infected computers. Not surprisingly, the idea looks like one that came from a two party system gone bad, with the Democratic-style part being to levy a tax on infected computers, and the Republican-style part that anyone’s computer should need to surrender to some inspection process, no doubt predicated upon the current whims of Microsoft.


"Microsoft’s Vice President for Trustworthy Computing Scott Charney, speaking at the RSA conference in San Francisco, has floated an interesting proposal to deal with infected computers: Approach the problem of dealing with malware infections like the healthcare industry, and consider using ‘general taxation’ to pay for inspection and quarantine. Using taxes to deal with online criminal activity is not a new idea, as demonstrated by last year’s Louisiana House vote to levy a monthly surcharge on Internet access to deal with online baddies."

A much better plan was the one tentatively put forth in Australia, where an offending computer gets cut off from the internet, but the problem of sanitizing the alleged infected computer is the user’s, so that no needless inspections by a computerized Gestapo force are needed.


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