WeatherBug-APIToday I am going to be highlighting changes and improvements made to the WeatherBug API. These changes include new enhancements as well as known bug fixes. Those wanting to keep up on the latest can simply subscribe to our API updates email subscription on the right side of the page or from this channel specifically.

As of the month of March, 2010, here is the latest list of bug fixes and enhancements that were addressed.

1) Bug fix: Utilized the timezone data and fixed pubdate issues in forecast, liveweather and livecompactweather calls.

2) Enhancement: The locationlist calls will display statename for Canadian locations.


3) Enhancement: Added “N/A” where City or State is null/blank in obs calls.

4) Enhancement: Added timezone detail in GetLiveWeatherRss call.

Questions? Comments on the WeatherBug API?

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