The process of sharing files and other pieces of content online isn’t something that impresses us anymore. We simply expect to be able to do this. Now that online collaboration has also become more commonplace, it’s also an expectation that we now have. If you’ve never done any real collaboration with other people on something online, then you’re missing out. It’s quite an interesting experience, and for someone like myself who works from home, effective collaboration tools make you feel more connected with the people that you work with. A service called crocodoc enables you to share documents online with other people, but it takes things to the next level by enabling them to mark them up.

To get started, all you have to do is upload a document from your computer or a URL. By doing this you get a URL to share the document with others and you open the document up to the editing interface. The editing tools are effective and get the job done, and you can get an idea of how they work by looking at the sample on the site. Invited participants can add comments, highlight things, and strikeout text. You might think your document is brilliant, but it’s a good idea to share it with your colleagues to see what they have to say.